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This is my small corner on the internet where I keep track of my learning progress, knowledge-base, research, projects etc etc. You can learn more about me. Read through my wiki/blog where mostly I write about what I learn or have found in my endeavours.
I record my projects for portfolio. I am open to collaborations always.
You can also browse the library.

NOTE This site is under massive construction, so please check back later for more. Corrections, suggestions, support are highly welcome

I would like to thank Mahesh for lending his old computer to me. I am eternally grateful for all the things this has allowed me to do including winning the CERN webfest 2021. Mahesh is a musician who is amazing at engineering sound. Please check out his demo.

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Most of the internet these day is bloated with unnecessary code that slows everyday browsing down for people, inherently relying on machines to be faster to handle more and more vestigial, inefficient code bases.